cleaning your motorcycle helmet

Top tips for cleaning your motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle safety is critical. In many countries, riders must wear a helmet. Dirt and grime build up on the inside of your helmet, reducing its effectiveness. A fresh pair of padder and liner usually helps this process along. At the same time, a thorough cleaning with warm water and Traceless microfiber will send dirt and other contaminants flying right out of your helmet.

Also, there is no doubt that you need to clean your helmet with the correct cleaning products and use the proper techniques. It helps protect your motorcycle helmet from scratches and keeps your helmet look like new. We’ve put together our guide based on years of experience in the motorbike industry. If you are looking for ways to clean a motorcycle helmet, read below to check out our top tips for cleaning your helmet.

Here are few tips to help you through the process of cleaning your motorcycle helmet

1) Surface Cleaning after every use

how to clean motorcycle helmet

Whether your motorcycle helmet is new or used, the first thing you want to do after a ride is to give it a proper cleaning. By keeping your helmet clean, you’ll keep it in good condition and prolong its longevity. A clean helmet will also be more aerodynamic and therefore affect your riding positively.

It is essential to clean the surface of the helmet after every use. The reason is that the dirt inside the helmet can damage your hair. When the helmet foam absorbs lots of dust, it not only gets smelly but can bring illness. Therefore surface cleaning is critical.

You can use a wet towel or a scrub to clean the helmet. There is no need to use expensive chemicals. Also, to dry the watery part of the helmet, you can use the fan and just let it dry under the sun.

2) Keep the glass cover or visor clean

how to clean motorcycle visor

Helmet visors are quite an essential part as it gets directly attached with your face. Keep the glass cover or visor of your helmet clean to protect it against scratches and impacts. To keep the helmet’s visor clean, you need to wipe it regularly with a damp cloth and try not to get any dust on it. If your helmet has a removable visor or a glass cover, it will be easy to wash.

The first thing you should do is clean the glass with a damp cloth or paper towel. Then use a soft clean rag to spread some cleaning thinner over the area to be cleaned. Always start with the inside – this is where most dirt remains. When thoroughly dry, place a small dab of cleaning thinner on a piece of paper or plastic to remove any remaining moisture from the surface.

3) Clean the helmet exterior

how to clean the inside of a motorcycle helmet

The most reliable method to wash your helmet interior is to eliminate the liner and padding. This saves money on repair costs and makes it possible to change. Liners act as insulators and help provide a high-quality feel when you put on your helmet. If you are riding in the snow, for example, it might not be as essential to have a smooth surface as it would be on a warm day. So cleaning the inside of the helmet is a must in the summertime.

Once you remove the liner and padding, put them in a net garment container. After that, you can put in the washing machine on the most ordinary setting and wash with the cleaner, for example, Woolite.

Remove it as soon as possible from the washing machine and let it air dry. You can use a table fan to dry, but do not use a dryer as it might damage the helmet.

Note: If you cannot take the helmet liner out, you can still clean it manually. However, it might take more time to dry. One thing you need to remember does not to use a random cleaner to clean the helmet. Instead, you can use the cleaners which are made for helmet cleaning.

Do I need to clean the motorcycle helmet every day?

It is enough if you clean the motorcycle helmet once a week. However, do not go more than two weeks without cleaning the helmet as the dust starts gathering inside and brings illness. Also, it is good to note that people living in warm areas need to wash their helmets more frequently than people living in cold regions.

Things to remember

  • Clean the interior of the helmet gently. Do not rub hard as it might damage the pads inside.
  • Let the helmet normally dry, for example, under the sun or use the fan. Do not use the dryer.
  • Clean the helmet regularly, if possible, once a week.
  • Do not use strong chemicals to clean the helmet. Simply, soap and water are enough.


Once you have purchased your motorcycle helmet, you will naturally want to keep it clean. However, this can be quite a challenge sometimes. The last thing you want is to clean your helmet and find that it has been damaged as a result. One significant reason people end up damaging their motorcycle helmets is that they use cleaning methods and products that are unsuitable for the material.

However, once you learn the process, cleaning a motorcycle helmet is an easy task. You can easily remove the collected dust and grime with a few minutes of effort. You need to follow the above-given methods, and you will clean it in no time.

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