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Sena 30K vs. 20S EVO – Which is the best Bluetooth helmet for me?

When looking at both the Sena 30K and 20S EVO, it can be easy to assume that they work in the same way, because they share many of the same aspects, and it makes choosing between them quite challenging.

You need to choose the best Bluetooth helmet that works for you, because they help you to remain connected to your friends, family, and music as you ride. Whenever you need to listen to some music, take a call, or talk to other people, you will need a quality motorcycle Bluetooth communication device.

We aim to compare the two, in order to make the decision easier for you.

There are many options in the market anyway, but they are not all equal in quality. Sena Bluetooth communication systems are among the premium types in the market, but they also happen to cost quite some money – and you do not want to spend that money, only to find it does not fulfill your needs on the road.

It is very important to know how both are made, in order to make the comparison possible. We will consider a variety of aspects, including their pricing, composition, and more.

Sena 30K
Sena 20S EVO
Dimensions (inches)
3.5 x 1.9 x 0.98 (slightly smaller)
3.7 x 1.9 x 1.0 (slightly larger)
Maximum number of users it accommodates
Maximum intercom distance range
1.2 miles (when connected to 16 users), 5 miles (when connected to 4 users)
1.2 miles
Battery life
8 to 13 hours
8 to 10 hours

Sena 30K

Sena 30K bluetooth motorcycle helmet

This is the newer headset between the two, and is considered as the successor to the 20S. What makes it stand out from other Sena headsets, including the 20S EVO, is its specialized mesh technology, which helps to make it easier for you to connect with a large number of riders compared to previous models.

In fact, the Sena 30K can connect to a maximum of 16 riders, while still maintaining the same maximum distance of 1.2 miles. If you decide to reduce the number of riders in the connection to 4, you extend the connectivity to 5 miles. If a rider disconnections from the network accidentally due to taking a wrong turn or dropping far back, they can reconnect automatically once they are within range.

However, do not assume Bluetooth is being left behind, just because the mesh system here is the biggest asset. This headset comes with the latest version of Bluetooth, and you can connect to 3 users within a 1-mile range.

In addition to that, the system also includes some interesting features. You can connect to your navigation system or listen to music, thanks to the smartphone app. The usage time goes up to 8 hours when you are using the mesh connectivity, and 13 hours when using Bluetooth connectivity only, while it has a charging time of 1.5 hours.


  • Mesh 2.0
  • Added audio multitasking
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.1
  • FM Radio
  • Advanced noise control
  • Compatible with remote controls
  • Group intercom function


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20S EVO motorbike helmet with builtin bluetooth

When it comes to the Sena 20S EVO, you are basically getting the updated version of the original 20S Bluetooth headset that was present in other sound systems. The original 20S was a great headset that was capable of handling multiple functions excellently, but the 20S EVO adds to that and eventually stands out as its own excellent choice. Sena went out of their way to add some interesting features here, which include a more waterproof design of the charging port, as well as a shark fin antenna.

The 20S EVO also includes a standby time of 10 days, and talk time of 13 hours. If you are headed on a long journey on your motorbike, you will find this length of time more than impressive. You also get the chance to intercom up to a maximum distance of 1.2 miles (it does its best to live up to that, too) and not just talking with one fellow rider – it connects you to a maximum of eight riders.

The headset is also quite easy to integrate to your phone when you need to use GPS or listen to some music, and you can set both of these (plus many more intercom features) through the smartphone app.

The speakers additionally include a waterproof headset, with the sound quality being among the best you will find in the market.


  • HD audio quality
  • Advanced noise control
  • Intercom to connect to 8 riders
  • Audio multitasking
  • Voice commands
  • FM Radio


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When examining the performance, these are quite similar to each other – the only difference is that the 30K comes with adaptive mesh networks. It also has a longer battery life of 13 hours, a quick charging time of 15 minutes, and improvements in its intercom range depending on the number of users in the mesh network.

The quick charging aspect seems useful when you are in a hurry to increase the talking time, but it does not have too much distinctions from the 20S EVO when comparing the hardware design and performance.

One thing we did not like about the 20S EVO though was the tendency of crackling sounds while the intercom connection was active. While Sena suggests updating the firmware to fix the problem, it still has issues with beeping at times. In addition, you will find it difficult to pair three or more intercoms, especially if they are non-Sena helmets.


Both headsets have the capacity of handling numerous connections at the same distance range of 1.2 miles (maximum), especially in open terrain. They will also reconnect easily when you are within this range, and their batteries last long enough to allow their use for an extended period even if you do not keep recharging them.

There is one seemingly minor difference between the design of the 20S EVO and the 30K, and that is in their antenna. The 20S EVO has a shark fin antenna, while the 30K has a flip-up antenna. The company has added plenty of improvements to the 30K, although both helmets have very good noise cancellation technology that allows you to hear properly even while you are on the freeway.

Final verdict

A comparison between these two Bluetooth helmets might seem challenging, because they share plenty of similar features. However, the biter choice between them is the Sena 30K, primarily because of its greater mesh ability, accommodation of more users, and greater improvements of battery life over the 20S EVO.

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