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How to Measure Your Head Size for a Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to buying the kit that you need to go with your new motorcycle, a helmet is a must. If you get absolutely no other safety equipment (but you should! Road rash is painful, unsightly and thanks to the dirtiness of the road, it can get infected really easily), get a helmet. This is because the risk of an accident is always present, so you should minimize said risk as soon as possible.

Having said all of that, getting a helmet is only one part of the challenge, the other is making sure that you get the best motorcycle helmet for your safety – and that means finding one that fits your head perfectly. For that, you will need to measure up beforehand, to confirm what size motorcycle helmet you need.

What You Will Need to Measure up for your Motorcycle Helmet

What you actually need to get the base measurement for your motorcycle helmet is a flexible tape measure. Something stiff won’t do. The idea is to make sure that the tape remains completely flat as you wrap it around the circumference of your skull. Cross the tape slightly at the front of your head, keep your fingers on both ends, and then draw it away. Look at where your fingers are at the point that the tapes’ crossed over. This is the diameter of your head! You may need to do some converting as some companies will display their sizes in centimeters and some will use inches.

Another thing to consider is your head shape. Now, most head shapes are fairly standard but humans as a population still have variation. If you don’t know what shape your head is, see if you can visit a bicycle or motorcycle physical shop and have them talk you through the measuring process. Remember, just because a particular brand helps you with figuring out what type of helmet to get, doesn’t mean that you are obligated to buy a helmet from them. Shop around! The market for helmets is oversaturated which means that you have a LOT of choices out there.

Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

motorcycle helmet size chart

Credit – Motorcycle Parts Ireland

While some companies may have their own measurements, there is a lot of standardization which will make it useful for finding the helmet type that suits you, your head, and therefore your safety and needs. The chart above is a useful reference when it comes to starting your helmet buying journey.

Ensuring The Best Fit

Cheek Pads –

  • The cheek pads of your intended helmet should touch your cheeks.
  • BUT they should not dig into the skin.
  • Opt for a comfortable material for long-term wear.

Chin Strap –

  • This should be secure and snug to your chin
  • BUT you should not feel like it is digging into your skin

Accounting for Wobble

Both of the features above are designed to lessen the amount of ‘wobble’ that your helmet can have. While a helmet that is too tight is exceptionally uncomfortable to wear even for a short period of time, a helmet that is too loose is just as dangerous. A loose helmet can cause just as much if not additional damage than wearing no helmet at all.

So there you have it. A simple guide to buying your first motorcycle helmet. And not just a motorcycle helmet either! These tips can apply to the purchase of just about any other type of helmet including horse riding helmets, hard hats for industrial work, open face helmets… Knowing what circumference your head is is a useful number so why not write it down somewhere that you can always use as a reference? That way it will be easy to refer back to whenever you need it.


  • Don’t go for the first helmet that you come across that fits. Shop around.
  • Look up customer reviews on Facebook, Glassdoor, and Trustpilot once you start looking at particular brands. Consider the negatives as well as the positives.

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