About Us

Roy Jones - owner of Simple Motorcycle GuideMotorbikes still command the streets and not just any motorbike but the likes of Harley Davidson; most senior year university students have their perfect life curved out in a bubble in their minds; a “dream,” of their first car bought with their first paycheck, well, not for me though because I have mad love for motorcycles.

Cars are only convenient when it is raining other than that you better prepare for the parking problems, minimal social experience at least when compared to motorcycles and problems with gas mileage. With that said “Simple Motorcycle Guide” is home to your motorcycle accessories concern, many people are not aware of this but riding a motorcycle is more like living apart of your life on the move, as there is so much gratification derived when you slowly  shred the city streets with your sleek machine.

Let us not talk about the epic weekends that we always look forward to, but the motorcycle accessories that might seem insignificant yet very important. Okay, so as you start out as a new motorcycle owner there are some basic things bound to skip your mind thanks to the excitement of hitting the road as soon as you possibly can.

A motorcycle GPS is a device that will bring you back home after you get immersed in the riding thrill and end up traveling to unfamiliar roads. The bluetooth device is equally important and there is no telling how convenient this gadget can be both in communication and for entertainment, however, we know most riders want the full road experience and wouldn’t want anything to come in between them, the road and the wind but you can make exceptions if you are traveling far.

The GPS tracking device is a worthy investment for any rider because it performs many important functions. For one it is more of a security device if you are afraid of your motorbike getting stolen, you will also get information about your bikes speed from this device among others. There is so much fun in riding the motorcycle but from what we see in the streets many people are in the dark of the various motorcycle accessories.

At simple motorcycle guide, therefore, we stand in the gap to ensure that motorcycle owners and anyone else who wants to get out of the headache of looking for parking space is equipped with the right accessories just before hitting the road. Remember, that motorcyclists are exposed to danger more than car owners, the reason why having the right gear and accessories is paramount to protecting your life.