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A Buying Guide for the Best Budget Motorcycle Boots in 2020

Are you aware that the right motorcycle boots give you a better grip while riding? Even better, do you feel safer knowing that motorcycle boots protect your ankles and feet from potential damages in case of an accident?

Your comfort is so important when riding your motorcycle and you should not really compromise on your safety when making use of your motorcycle. They say that prevention is often better than cure. This only sounds better when you are able to enjoy the thrills of motorcycle riding with a protective grip around your feet when cruising on rough road surfaces and when you have a guarantee of your general safety at all times. As a bonus, motorcycle boots literally have what it takes to elevate your sense of style as you walk and ride throughout your day.

If you are a frequent rider, regular boots wouldn’t really do so much for you which is probably why you need to consider purchasing good quality motorcycle boots. The market is flooded with a variety of boots that may make it slightly difficult for you to pick out the right ones. But, the deal cutter here is, if you are looking for the best budget motorcycle boots then this buying guide has been developed just for you.

To begin with, let us summarize the best budget motorcycle boots of 2020 in the table below.

Comparison Table

Product Name
Type of material
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RST Tractech Evo 1516 Motorcycle Boots
Upper- microfiber with a polyurethane coating

Soles- rubber
Sports/Touring Riding
Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Motorcycle Boots
Upper- leather, aluminum, polymer

Sports/ Touring / Cruising Riding
O’Neal Men’s Logo Rider Boots
Upper –microfiber with a polyurethane coating

Soles- rubber
Motocross/ Sports Riding
Bruno Marc Men's Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots
Upper- leather

Soles- rubber
Cruising Riding
Richa Zenith Motorcycle Boots
Upper- leather and textile

Soles- rubber
Touring Riding

The Best Budget Motorcycle Boots Reviews

RST Tractech Evo 1516 Motorcycle Boots– suitable for sports riding

RST Tractech Evo 1516 Motorcycle Boots

The Tractech Evo 1156 are unisex motorcycle boots that have been designed for sports biking. However, you can also use it for touring riding. They come in size 6-14 UK/ 40-49 EU.


  • Molded anti-twist mid sole
  • Vented heel cup with a heavy duty max zip and Velcro closure
  • Anti-slip sole that is vulcanized
  • Molded TPU shin, heel and ankle protection

The upper part of the RST Tractech Evo 1516 motorcycle boots has been made from a microfiber material that has a polyurethane coating. This makes it lighter than leather boots which allows you to comfortably walk in so you don’t really have to frequently remove them once you are done riding. The microfiber material makes it easier for you to clean and maintain your motorcycle boots. Also, they are wear and tear resistant which makes it durable.

Aside from that, they are high boots with a shin guard which offer protection to your shin. They are fitted with toe-sliders for better protection and it has anti-slip rubber soles for stronger grip with the foot peg of your motorcycle. Also, they are fitted with a vented heel cup for the protection of your heels and they have a Velcro closures for easier access.


  • They come in a variety of colors based on your preference
  • They are waterproof and has a breathable material
  • They comes with Velcro fasteners for easy access
  • They are durable
  • They have toe sliders for your comfort
  • They have added armor and paddings for your protection


  • Slightly stiff at the beginning of use


The RST Tractech Evo 1516 are high quality motorcycle boots which offer a guarantee for your safety and comfort while riding. If you are looking for boots for your track days and road riding, you should consider purchasing these boots.

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Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Motorcycle Boots– suitable for touring, sports and cruising motorcycle riding

Joe Rocket Big Bang Motorcycle Boots

The Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 is an all rounded motorcycle boot that is made from leather on its upper part, aluminum on its lace eyelets and polymer over its ankle protection areas. They have a matte finish which add to your style as you ride. However, their lace eyelets may be too close to each other so they may give you a challenge when lacing up. Also, they may be slightly heavy.


  • Padded ankle cuff with a molded polymeric ankle protection
  • Triple stitching done on all fragile and stress areas
  • Steel lace eyelets
  • Polymeric adjustment strap and an aluminum buckle
  • Anti-slip sole with a rear pull loop
  • Laser etched badging

They come with a molded polymer plate to protect your ankles. They have polymeric adjustment straps and an aluminum buckle that lock your boots into place as you ride. For better performance and protection, all the stress and fragile areas have been triple stitched and they have a high quality rubber sole which gives you better grip in all kinds of environments. This allows it to be an all-purpose motorcycle boot.

The interior part of the Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 motorcycle boots has been designed with a soft material for added comfort and it has a foot bed that is strong enough to withstand vibrations as you ride and it eliminates issues such as fatigue or any kind of discomfort even when you are on long rides.


  • The sole is made of tough rubber so it gives you good grip
  • It has a foot bed that can handle vibrations from your motorcycles
  • It has adjustment straps for your comfort and flexibility
  • The ankle cuff is padded to protect your ankles


  • The steel eyelets that keep the lace together are too close
  • The top part of the shoe is too stiff


The Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 motorcycle boots are ideal for cruising, touring and sports riding. If you are looking for an all rounded and durable motorcycle, then this one would work well for you.

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O’Neal Men’s Logo Rider Boots– ideal for motocross and sports riding

ONeal Mens Logo Rider Boots

The O’Neal Men’s Logo rider boots have been made with a microfiber material that has tetra polyurethane reinforcing. They also come with a heat shield made from synthetic leather. They have a metal toe guard to prevent the separation of the rubber sole from the boot.


  • Microfiber material with polyurethane coating
  • Heat shield made of synthetic leather
  • Air mesh interior
  • Metal toe guard

They have a buckle closure system which keeps your feet safe while riding unlike laces which may release as you ride. They have an air mesh interior which makes them breathable and keep your feet dry. Their interior is also cushioned for added comfort as you ride. Also, the buckle and straps are replaceable in case of any damages.


  • They are comfortable to walk in
  • They come with replaceable parts (buckle and straps)
  • They are waterproof and heat resistant
  • They have strong rubber sole for better grip
  • They are durable


  • The boots produce some squeaking sound when you walk
  • They are slightly stiff at the beginning of use


If you are heavily invested in sports riding and motocross riding, you should consider the O’Neal Men’s Logo riding boots. They are a guarantee of your safety and they have added comfort for your feet as you ride.

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Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots– riding boots with a stylish design

Bruno Marc Mens Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots

The Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots are made with leather material which makes them durable. They come with a classic vintage design that add to your sense of style. This allows you to use them for riding and for daily movement to work or any other places.


  • Rubber soles
  • 1 inch heel
  • 0.5 inch platform
  • Classic vintage design
  • Flexible, stylish and comfortable ankle boots

They come with anti-slip rubber soles which offer good grip between your feet and the foot peg of your motorcycle. They come in a variety of colors and you are free to pick any based on your preference. They are comfortable and they offer protection to your feet and ankles as you ride. They have a zipper towards the side which allow for easy wearing.


  • They have a faux leather ankle lining for added style
  • They have rubber anti-slip soles
  • They have a side zipper for easy wearing


  • It does not offer shin protection
  • Its sole may be thin so it may wear out fast


The Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots would be ideal for you if you ride to work on a daily basis. However, don’t purchase it for heavy duty motorcycle riding.

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Richa Zenith Motorcycle Boots – most affordable touring boots

Richa Zenith Motorcycle Boots

The Richa Zenith motorcycle boots have been designed for touring riding. They come in a black color and are made from a combination of leather and textile material which makes them durable and resistant to wear and tear.


  • Uppers made of Leather and Textile
  • Rubber soles
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Zip and Velcro fastening
  • Stretch area

The boots comes with a waterproof membrane but they are vulnerable to heat. They have a zip and Velcro fastening which allow you to easily wear them and for safety when you are riding. They include a shin protection for more protection and it has a stretch area for your comfort. Unfortunately, they are heavy so you can only use them for riding but cannot comfortably walk in them.


  • It is waterproof and has a breathable material
  • It includes shin protection
  • It has stretching part for your comfort
  • It has zip and Velcro fastenings that allow to wear them easily


  • The boots can only be used for riding
  • It is heavy
  • It is vulnerable to heat and may start peeling


If you are looking for budget friendly touring boots, you should consider purchasing the Richa Zenith motorcycle boots. Despite its weight and low weather resistance, they assure you of heel, ankle and shin protection and comfort.

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What should you consider when purchasing your motorcycle boots?

To get the most out of your motorcycle boots, you should consider the following factors and features;

The material used to make the boots

The best motorcycle boots are the ones that allow you to navigate through any type of weather and are the ones that are resistant to wear and tear. This largely depends on the type of material used to make the boots. Picking out motorcycle boots made of thick leather gives a more durable effect and are often resistant to any kind of abrasion. At the same time, the material used to make the boots (whether plastic, leather or textile) should be waterproof for rainy days and breathable for your comfort.

The height of the boots

Generally, motorcycle boots have been designed and manufactured to protect your ankles and feet. This means that when you are looking for the best motorcycle boots, you should ensure that they are long enough to cover your ankles and feet. At the same time it should be sturdy enough to grip onto your ankles and feet so that they are fully supported. Longer boots may be slightly difficult to ride in but maybe you should look for boots that reach around your calves for better protection levels.

The sole of the boots

The sole of your motorcycle boots determines the strength of the grip between your fit and the foot peg on your motorcycle. At the same type, the type of riding you do is a factor to look into as you are deciding on which boots to choose. Softer soles tend to wear out fast but would work well if you are not a frequent rider and are constantly on short distance and on smooth surfaces. Harder soles on the other hand are quite durable but a little questionable on the grip because it may be too tough on the foot peg and slightly uncomfortable for you. No matter what sole you choose, you should ensure that there are water and oil resistant to prevent sliding when you are riding.

The construction, closures and armor on the boots

The stitching and connections between the soles and the boot itself are very important in advancing the safety of your ankles and feet. Double or triple stitching make safer boots and sewn soles are longer lasting as compared to those that are attached together using glue. Picking a boot that has its construction is able to keep your ankles and feet intact during an accident as they don’t detach from each other at any point.

When it comes to the closures on your motorcycle boots, you should preferable pick out the ones with buckles or Velcro over those with laces. The problem with laces is that they may open as you ride and cause you to trip while riding. However, if you prefer those with laces ensure to pick out one that has buckles to hold them down.

Fragile parts such as your ankles and toes would need added protection. That is why it would be more reasonable for you to choose motorcycle boots that have added paddings and extra armor surrounding these areas.

How the boots fit and whether its parts are replaceable

The fitting of the boots is important for your comfort and for their efficiency. Tighter boots stay put in a crash and loose boots often slide. In addition to that, ensure to physically fir the boots before purchasing or review a manufacturer size chart before you buy your boots online.

Some parts of your boot such as the toe sliders may need frequent replacement. Getting boots with replaceable parts saves you the hassle and costs of purchasing a whole new boot. Also, adjustable and removable parts allow you air out your boots frequently for the sake of maintenance.

Final Thoughts

At the core of safe riding, you should always consider durability, protection and comfort from your motorcycle boots. Not all motorcycle boots will drain your pockets, just ensure to keep them intact at all times.

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